Game details

thinkBin is fun and addictive puzzle game, which will reveal you secret world of zeros and ones and it will learn you how to think like a computer! Solve various arithmetic problems and convert them into Binary code. It sounds complicated, but the game mechanics are really simple and entertaining.

• Fast gameplay
• Easy to control
• Self improvement in solving arithmetic operations
• Getting new maths skills

Platforms: Windows Phone, Android

Release Date: 6.7.2015


You can download this game from Google Play (here) and Microsoft Store (here) for free!



  • Mari Pecha

    [CZ] Bude to k dispozici i pro iOS. :)
    // Are you planning to release it for iOS?

    • Jirka Vašica

      V současné době je ve vývoji verze pro windows phone 8. Verzi pro iOS také chceme udělat, ale konkrétní datum vydání ještě nebylo stanoveno.