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by Jirka Vasica @ 01:20 CET 23.8.2014 

Hi, my name is Jirka Vasica and I am a programmer and game designer in T4J. I was one of five founders of T4J in May 2013. But enough about me. 

As you might noticed we are currently working on a brand new game which wasn’t annouced yet and this status will remain for some time, because we want to reveal a high quality game and not some crappy, buggy tech demo.

“ It’s done when it’s done“


Since our last project Spycon our team has grown. One really talented graphic joined us and his work pushes the game visual to another level! But that aren’t last changes in our team composition. Soon we should welcome one or two graphics and we are currently searching music composer. If we wouldn’t be able to find someone, who is talented and affordable for us, than we would had to license some stock music.

As I mentioned above we don’t want to annouced the game yet, but I can still reveal some informations. Our project is online multiplatform 2d top-down game. Development is in alpha stage. We have already made basic mechanisms such as clothing system, destruction of enviroment and plenty more. Often is the best thing in the end and in this blog it won’t be different – one sprite from our game!











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Jirka Vasica, programmer and game designer in T4J

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