Need for time

by Jirka Vasica @ 20:48 CET 24.9.2014 

September is ending and new blog is here. During this month our development progress has slowed down a little bit, due to a lack of time. The reason why we don’t have so much time is, that we are doing all this in our free time and this month was quite overloaded. 

One of the thing, which we have been dealing with this month,  was how to manage animations in our game. As I mentioned in the first blog, we have already made cloth system, which allow us to have huge amount of variations and combinations, but on the other hand with this amount of possibilities you can’t just make animation for each combination. That would take too much time. In real life If you put on your body some piece of cloth and you will start moving, the cloth will ghost your moves. Effective solution how to do the same, but easier way, is to add skleton to the character. For things like this is better to use some complex 3rd party software with many functions than wasting time on your own (probably worse) software/tool. After some testing we have decided to use Spine2D from Esotericsoftware for our game.

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Here we are…

by Jirka Vasica @ 01:20 CET 23.8.2014 

Hi, my name is Jirka Vasica and I am a programmer and game designer in T4J. I was one of five founders of T4J in May 2013. But enough about me. 

As you might noticed we are currently working on a brand new game which wasn’t annouced yet and this status will remain for some time, because we want to reveal a high quality game and not some crappy, buggy tech demo.

“ It’s done when it’s done“


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