Think different, thinkBin!


by Jirka Vasica @ 16:40 CET 6.7.2015

Today we have released a brand new game called thinkBin. It’s a puzzle game, which will learn you how to think like a computer and it will reveal you the secret world of zeros and ones! It’s available on android. You can download it here. Try it, it is for free! 

Blog #2!

by Jirka Vasica @ 20:56 CET 24.9.2014 

New month – new blog If you want to read about what we have been dealing with in T4J during Semptember read our second blog!




by Jirka Vasica @ 14:54 CET 24.8.2014

Starting today, you can write comments under the posts! To achieve that, we have decided to use disqus, which is really powerful and intuitive tool with clean design. Don’t hesitate to give us a feedback using comments, but keep your comments clean(stick to the subject, don’t post anything obscene or sexually explicit…) and be always civil (be agreeable, even when you disagree, respect each other, no rudeness…)


Blog #1!

by Jirka Vasica @ 01:25 CET 23.8.2014 

Firts of all we want to apologise, that we have been silent so long, but we have been pretty busy the last couple of months.

In section community was added blog column, where will be regular summary about what’s going on in T4J. You can already read first blog!

New content arrived

by Jirka Vasica @ 18:37 CET 29.4.2014

Content, content, content… new content everywhere!  In the last few days we have added lots of stuffs. We have made new section called „Behind the scenes“ where you can find interesting images from development of our games.

In the near future we are planning to open a forum where you will be able to discuss about our games, improvements, ideas etc. We are also planning section where will be one per month new articles about news in T4J. It will be something like a blog.


rocket-launch-run-iconby Jirka Vasica @ 13:25 CET 26.8.2013

We have launched successfully our official websites of T4J. You can find here interesting news and informations about our current projects. Stay tuned for more information!